Several approaches can enhance useful publication of information on online platforms. Marketing is one of the major fields that are benefitting from the use of online platforms such as social media to promote sales and general business operations. As an experienced publisher, I used various techniques in creating a publication on business issues.

I ensured that my blog posts are short with descriptions of the items I intended to advertise having less than 35 words. Also, I have guaranteed that I have a popular keyword that attracts the intended customers. The number of long tail main words helps increase the number of visits for my publication.

A publication has several posts describing various items. Writing long posts on every topic is inappropriate (Tom, 2013). As such, I made the posts of my menu to be short and precise. I used names of meals that have high searches, especially among the most likely customers to the respective hotels.

Concise is a significant aspect to a publisher. I ensured that my posts were short and therefore increasing the sense and aim of the blog posts. In Why We Post: Social media through the eyes of the world [London], shows that have images and visuals have high rates of circulation and likes. I complimented the short messages with pictures of the various plates and beverages available at the hotels and restaurants to make them colorful.

Moreover, I included telephone numbers towards the end of each post. Call to actions in ways that can increase the sale, and as such, I added the hotlines of the restaurants. A target audience is a significant factor when creating a publication on online platforms. It is appropriate for a publisher to identify the right demographic as a target audience. I prepared my release with a primary aim of displaying the different types of famous plates that have a rich background and originality from various countries and global regions. My publication focused on a wide range of interest and age groups. For instance, Mott 32 is appropriate for couples who may need to celebrate their anniversaries. I also considered the interests of people with different economic class with categories of restaurants and foods at various prices. Individuals who have preferences for specific groups of meals may find my publication helpful as it guides about the location and times of where to find the foods.

The publication addresses the needs of the different target audiences in different ways. I included a description of the specific restaurants where one can find the best services for particular categories. For instance, dinner at Mott 32 is unique for dinner and anniversaries. I also added a description of the plates of food and beverages to help an individual make a selection according to the outline of the recipe. To address the financial categories of customers, I attached the prices of each meal to help customers to choose depending on their economic positions.

Design of my website is effective reliable and with appropriate search optimization. I ensured that my publication is friendly to the user to navigate with ease. The content is satisfactory as it has a relationship with the title that develops an interest from online users. Reviews and comments about a publication are relevant and vital improving the design and presentation of a release for strong customer feedbacks (Konnikova, 2013). The reports have facilitated the improvement of the themes to be a representative of the works of the visual images. The feedbacks have also initiated the application of one standard font in most pictures and as such increasing readability.

Every individual must have goals in any aspect of life or activity. As I continue increasing my knowledge about online publication, I have established two main goals to enhance my success. My objective is to develop partnerships while also remaining focused on my audience. I also intend to engage the online platform persistently. This aim may seem obvious, but this would change my perception about other online publishers. The action would help view the other publishers as possible partners and not rivals in publication. The final goal which is the element that would ensure my achievements of different targets is persistence. This value would give me the urge and desire always to work and produce results even during the hard moments.

Lastly, I have a passion for online publishing and would continue practicing the same. Although there are several challenges in publishing, I have designed various strategies to enhance my dominance and success. A strong online presence will increase my authority on the websites and as such, increase the customers who discover my products and services. I intend to improve on selection criteria to ensure that I have access to influencers who are likely to expand my customer base. I will further extend my online presence by conducting and publishing several case scenarios and publishing a white paper. These activities will promote my publishing skills and online presence especially when I make unique and excellent content.


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