This week we had two guest speakers, Darren, and Sarah from Capulet Communications. They talk about multiple channels and multiple media in the lecture. Such as:
Not all channel are equal

  • reach different audiences
  • Achieve different marketing goals
  • Some are much more expensive than others
  • tell your story in different ways

Marketing Challenge

  • Too much noise
  • Competition
  • Commodification
  • Can’t afford attention
  • Customers being bored

Heart Beat and Remarkable

Because my blog is a lifestyle and food blog mixed, but I would like to focus on the review of food and restaurants mostly. My target audience is the young adult and millennial, which I think among all the social media platform, Instagram is the best choices for me to incorporating transmedia integration into my online publication. If I corporate with Instagram, I want to create an Instagram account to link with my blog because I saw some of the bloggers also link their URL in their Instagram bio. This also helps to promote and attract more audience to both blogs. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and I knew that many other people are very successful in being famous by posting delicious food around the world. Therefore, I will try to start creating an Instagram account and develop some remarkable marketing challenges to improve both blogs.

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