This week, after we watched a TedTalk by Jon Ronson, about a humorous story of a young woman whose name is Justine Sacco. I decided to set up a few community guidelines to avoid the situation of Justine Sacco that will happen on my blog. As I mentioned before, my blog is a lifestyle and food blog mixed, so this is a place where I share my favorite food and places to my audience through my experiences in Vancouver. As my website right now doesn’t have many people comment on it, I still think that I must have a community guideline to set up for the future. I believe that the most important would be :

1. No hateful/offensive comments
It is better to think before you comment because sometimes the comments might be offending and hurting other people feelings, and hateful content will give people feel negative while viewing my blog.

2. Respect and give credit
– We should respect each other and be kind to each other. Share other people work on my site or someone shares my work to their website should always give credit to each other. Also, it is perfect for providing feedback with a positive vibe; however, a negative comment with a positive and not offensive vibe will also be accepted, which I will very glad to listen to the advice to adjust and improve.

3. No promotion or unsolicited links
– I saw some people in Instagram, or other social media platforms would give comments about fake news, and randomly content that not related to my blog, these content would contain virus or scam. Every information that I posted on my blog literally exists, such as those restaurants and the food provided from it. Therefore, unsolicited links or promotion are not very appropriate to appear on my blog because all the content that I posted are accurate.

Since my site doesn’t have a massive amount of commenters comment on it, I will implement my guideline by looking through all my comments. If there’s something that is not meeting my community guideline, I would either give them a warning (first offense), delete the comment (second offense), or block the user (several offenses).

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