This week in class, we were discussed what we would do if the internet would suddenly gone forever and we only had one hour left to use it. My classmates have different opinions and some of them said they will download the favorite movie and music, also some of them will download and backup photos and online content, etc. As the internet is one of our fundamental tool that we all rely on and can’t live without it. So if we only have one hour left for using the internet, I will definitely download all the photos from Instagram and iCloud. Although without using the Internet, so many things will be changed due to this problem which causes us more inconvenience. However, I think we still can adapt this change because there are still many ways for us to stored things and files, we also could watch movies and listen to music through CDs, DVDs, and hard drives, etc. Therefore, since a few decades ago, the Internet wasn’t well developed. People are still living pretty well and they still have many other activities to play with or work with. I think this happens actually have both beneficial and negative change because I don’t know how much time we wasted spending time on the Internet nowadays. Every day I spent at least more than 4 hours to scrolling through social media and watch TVs through Netflix or other streaming services. I think I would probably either spend the time to do some sports or other activities if the Internet will die forever, which probably give me an opportunity to change my lifestyle and make me healthier in some ways. Actually, it is a bit scary to think about how much the Internet affected our lives from the past decade. However, people still can survive without the Internet because we still are able to communicate through phones, find information and gain knowledge through the books from the library. This class reminds me that how people will rely on the Internet and how people get affected by the Internet. This also encourages me to spend more time on something else instead of spend time living in the online world.

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