This week in class, we had a guest speaker in the lecture from Mauvé Page. She is a designer and we discuss the elements of website design. She taught us about 5 design elements, such as Balance, Rhythm, Proportion Scale, Contrast, and Unity. These elements could help our websites look more organized, sharp, and harmony. After she explained to us about these elements, I decided to change my old WordPress theme to a new WordPress theme.


The reason why I want to change my theme because I think that the old theme was kind of bored and not entirely attractive to the audiences. This also couldn’t give the audiences realized that this is a food blog while they were visiting my blog for the first time. So I changed the primary color of my blog from gray to red, the home page also has a background photo of some food. I think these adjustments that I made would help my blog looks better and more appealing.

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