My Imagined Audience

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When I start working on my blog, I want to show and share to my audience that the foods and places that I like, and my lifestyle as well. I also talk about my experiences for those tasty foods that I love in Vancouver, such as reviews, some recommendations and overall rating, etc. I imagine my audience is for all ages around the world, but mostly focus on millennials who love to explore delicious food and some suggestions to crave for different cuisines in the Vancouver area. I always couldn’t decide what should I have for my daily meals, so I would scrolling through social media to get some inspirations and recommendations, which makes me always can’t wait to crave for those foods. Therefore, I want to create this blog to share my experiences for people to chose with while they are checking my blog. I think my imagined audience affected my decisions for my content and the overall outlook by providing a brief summary of my experiences and some info and suggestion about the food. I also add some photos and different color of the text to attract my audience and try to make my blog more fun, casual, and easy to read.

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