My peer reviewer Magali from had suggested some recommendations to improve my blog which I’m really appreciated her feedback for my blog and I will implement them from now on.

1. Category for “Blog” and “Blog Post”

Magali suggested that the category of “Blog” and “Blog Post” seems counter-intuitive, as these categories seem synonymous. Therefore, I would change it to “Blog” instead which wouldn’t confuse my viewers. I also confirmed once again to make sure the specific posts are in the correct category so It won’t happen the situation when my viewer click Blog Post and the posts that available were not Blog Posts.

2. Add more photos as much as possible.

Magali also recommended continuing with this theme by adding more images throughout the blog: as we are unable to taste this food with our taste buds, we do so with our eyes. Magali also suggested that It would be more appealing if I could add some videos when possible. Therefore, I will take more photos for further blog posts and add more photos as much as possible. I will try my best to let the images tell the story loll.

3. Add an About page for the category.

I made a big mistake because I forgot to put the content to my About page. So I add a brief introduction about the goals and the contents of my blog.

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